Umm... I dont know how to comment.

So far I have just tested to navigate all the ui elements.

And I can say that, NVDA is not fully accessible or partially accessible.


In side the table data area, in some cells, it seemed that after entering things longer than 5 units, NVDAwill produce an error sound and the cell is forced to finish editing


Some pop up window like alert of saving the project, although NVDA can read out the window at first, but pressing tab at first did not access any ui element.

I have to use nvda / to move the mouse to the spss window, then press / to symulate left mouse click, then nvda is able to access the ui again.

I have not tested any functions at this moment, I am still waiting one of my friend to instruct me how to do some basic data preparation and data analysis task.

Rowen Cary 於 8/1/2021 14:29 寫道:

What is the result of your try? Can NVDA be used with SPSS?

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