Re: nvda accessibility with calibre:

Dan Miner

I just downloaded the latest 5.9.0 and the add-on. It does have some tricky spots in my quick check. However, the main UI and the quick guide viewed in the built-in book viewer does work. The book viewer is going to dump a paragraph at a time when using line navigation. Also, you will have to use object navigation to reach the pages to read them (NVDA+keypad 2 for desktop layout). But in the past, these were my barriers from using it. I may try using it again just for this reason.


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thanks for your reply.
which version of calibre is accessible with screen reader?
i did not find informations about supporting screen readers in their website.

On 1/8/21, Patrick Le Baudour <p.lebaudour@...> wrote:
Hi, last time I tried, it was a pain, but since then an add-on has
i haven't tried it, as i only use calibre's ebook conversion tool in
command line, so i can't tell how much it improves things, but since
it's here I assume it makes it at least bearable.

-- Patrick
Le 08/01/2021 à 13:26, zahra a écrit :
hello every one.
did you test calibre with nvda?
is it accessible?
calibre is an opensource program for studying ebooks.
thanks and God bless you.

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