Tony's add-ons: new and updated

Tony Malykh

Hello all,

This is Tony, author of many NVDA add-ons. During holidays I updated many of my add-ons, and wrote two new add-ons, so I would like to share them with you guys. This is a long email, so please feel free to navigate by headings!

Please note that links on the official website have not been updated, as it seems that nobody has access to that website anymore. Therefore, please download directly from Github, download links included below.


New add-ons:


It takes word navigation to the next level in NVDA. It standardizes what exactly does word mean, e.g. does it include punctuation before and after, moreover, it offers various definitions of word, some of which might be useful for software developers, for example when they are working with camelCaseIdentifiers. It redefines Control+Left/Right keystrokes, as well as it adds optional Control+Windows+Left/Right keystrokes. Configuration panel included!

·       Github:

·       Download:


Console toolkit

This is a collection of tools for heavy console users. Among its features are:

·       More realtime speaking of console output

·       * Beep on update

·       Control+V shortcut now works in ssh connections

·       Editing of current prompt in accessible window

·       Capturing command output, including multi-page, and displaying it in an accessible window


Please note, it supports the default Windows console, a.k.a. command prompt, as well as windows PowerShell.

·       Github:

·       Download:




This add-on allows to read text sentence by sentence using Alt+Up/Down keystroke. I managed to improve its performance a lot, now it reads sentences much faster, especially in large paragraphs. I also added experimental support for Microsoft Word and WordPad – before this version built-in NVDA logic applied to sentence navigation in these programs, and many users have complained about that. Also, a number of bugfixes. Also I wrote extensive documentation, since sentence finding code has become so complicated, even I myself is having a hard time reading my own code after a couple of years since first release 😊

·       Github:

·       Download:


BrowserNav contains a set of improvements to browse mode in NVDA. Besides a number of bugfixes, this new version includes command to jump to next text written in different style (bound to tilde, that weird key right above Tab), and a command to scroll down to reveal all the hidden content, bound to backslash. That last command might be useful for websites, that load content dynamically. This includes Youtube, that doesn’t load the entire page and expects users to scroll down to reveal certain elements, and also so called infinite scroll webpages, such as Amazon and Facebook.

·       Github:

·       Download:

Tony’s enhancements

This add-on is an incubator for my experimental ideas, yet I believe many of them might be quite handy for many users. In particular, this time WordNav and Console toolkit mentioned above have graduated from this incubator. 😊 Among new features that I added are QuickSearch command, that allows to quickly find predefined text or regular expression in text files. I personally find it useful for editing markdown, because you can set the regular expression to search for next/previous heading, and also for programming. Another new feature allows to set system priority for NVDA process – this might improve responsiveness of NVDA, especially when CPU load is high.

·       Github:

·       Download:


NVDA Symbols

This is not an add-on, but rather a comprehensive (more or less) table of unicode characters with their proper English names. In particular, it includes math symbols (the ones that are not defined in NVDA), Greek letters, technical symbols, various arrows, etc. If you’re Greek, you would probably want to exclude Greek letters from this dictionary. If you speak CJK languages, you would probably want to exclude fixed-width punctuation page from that dictionary. This table would need to be added manually to your symbols.dic file in NVDA user config directory.

·       Github:

·       Download:


Let me know what you think!

Belated happy new year!



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