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Typical errors can include, but are not limited to:

  • Python specific errors such as inability to load a module, syntax errors with either NVDA or an add-on, errors associated with data structures such as key/index/value error exceptions, resource error such as inability to open a URL.
  • Errors from external modules, either wxWidgets/wxPython or something else.
  • Recently, garbage handler messages while managing resources.

When an error tone is heard, as Tyler noted, pressing NVDA+F1 will open the log viewer, from where you can scroll up to read the last error associated with the tone (technically a traceback). We (developers) need the complete traceback from the last error to determine what’s going on so we can either resolve it from NVDA side or reported to add-on authors (in case of my add-ons, I can guarantee a fix in minutes once I identify a possible cause and test a fix live; I use alpha builds for this purpose, and I try my best to make my add-ons error-free as much as possible before NVDA betas are released).




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I really wish I knew "what sort of error."  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred I can see absolutely no difference from typical behavior, so it's unclear what's been identified as being off.


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