Re: OCR: Interacting with items from recognized UI

Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

yes, very familiar with those commands and I’m still not sure it is being understood exactly what I’m asking about. I think the messages I’ve already written on the subject are pretty clear and I do appreciate you for taking a shot at it but I’m not going to try to continue explaining it and risk muddying the waters of my original question. We will see if we get some other responses. Thanks again.

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Hi Sascha,

I will review that section of the manual, but I just want to make sure it was clear what I was asking about. I know I can initiate a mouse click from the keyboard using the NVDA key and the numpad slash key. I also have the golden cursor ad on so I can move the mouse cursor around, set hot spots etc. I’m still not sure how I can get from the text readout of an OCR recognition result to the screen location of one of the controls it recognized. For example, say I take OCR of an application’s interface and when I’m reviewing the OCR output, one of the items I come across says ”options.” How can I tell NVDA to go to where it found that text on the UI and initiate a mouse click there? Thanks again.

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