Re: Virtual Linux and NVDA?

Jason White

On 1/10/21 12:43 PM, Damien Garwood wrote:
When I tried to run a Linux-based VM, I got no speech, presumably because NVDA doesn't have access to the machine. So I'm wondering, other than through WSL, is it possible at all to run Linux and somehow get it to interact nicely with NVDA?
If the virtual machine has a network interface and runs sshd, you should be able to access it via ssh from the host system, with NVDA working as usual.

Another option would be to run a screen reader on the Linux guest, and to interact with it directly once you've moved focus into the appropriate window.

A third option would be to run Linux directly on hardware, with its own screen reader, instead of virtualizing it. That's what I do. In fact, I'm writing this message on Thunderbird 78.6 under Linux.

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