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David Griffith

I would be interested in this as well as most of the models I have looked at over the years appear too low powered for comfortable usage. You seem to either pay very little for a relatively tiny specs or a vast amount for something with reasonable laptop like spec like a Surface Pro from Microsoft. I do know of people successfully using a Surface but this does seem a pretty steep price hike, especially when compared to price range of Chrome Books.
As you suggest switching to something like a Chrome Book this would entail learning an entire new accessibility architecture and strategies.

David G.

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Hello. I am considering purchasing a Windows tablet. I have a desktop PC but with my small business it would be great to be able to use the Windows platform that I am familiar with when I am out and about versus having to manipulate apps on my phone. Can anyone recommend a Windows tablet that supports NVDA and has a decent amount of ram and processing power? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

Charlotte aka Mama Otter


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