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You can have focus on something by using the arrow keys to move to something in a list, for example. The mouse is not at the location you are. To use the click commands, whether on the mouse itself or in NVDA, you must move the mouse to the location where you want to work. Discussing covering the mouse pad means the only way you can move the mouse is with the NVDA mouse movement command before clicking it. The person you are addressing may already be doing that and may understand what you are describing. But it is important to clarify the point to avoid confusion. The mouse must still be moved before clicking no matter how you click it.


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On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 11:10 AM, Gene wrote:
Are you saying you move the mouse using the NVDA mouse movement command, then click with the actual mouse click keys?-
I'm not saying that, at least not specifically. What I'm saying is that if you have focus on something where you need a right or left click, it makes way more sense to use a real right or left click, and nowhere is that simpler than on a laptop.

The original question had nothing to do with gaining focus on something, so I am taking that as a non-issue. The question was how to make NVDA do a CTRL+Click (meaning left click) and what I'm saying is that if you can avoid having any need for NVDA to do it, and can just do it sans any emulation, the latter option is preferable.

And for keyboards without an applications key (and mine is one of them), the earlier advice from yourself about SHIFT+F10 being the way to bring up the context menu from the keyboard (if you're not using a real right click) is the correct one. This is another of those instances where very, very rarely SHIFT+F10 (or hitting Applications/menu key) and right click are not equivalent, but it's so rare that it's not even worth discussing. And in those cases I've yet to see right click not do what's wanted, but the keyboard options didn't.


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