Re: question about the right click button numpad star*


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 11:53 AM, Gene wrote:
You can have focus on something by using the arrow keys to move to something in a list, for example. The mouse is not at the location you are.
Gene, focus means, to me, "as appropriate for the thing being discussed."

You are 100% correct, and what you've said, in my opinion, goes without saying.  I am not going to drag out every conversation by "clarifying" things I am willing to believe a user already knows, or will end up asking if they don't and something goes wrong.  I do not presume neophytes, but people asking focused questions who are otherwise quite familiar with mouse movement versus simple focus.  When you're talking about mouse type commands "mouse focus," for lack of a better term, is what should be presumed.  Route mouse commands should have already been used.

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