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I'm not talking about using keyboard commands. I'm simply saying that the discussion didn't state that you need to route the mouse with NVDA before using the physical mouse click commands. I don't know how many people know that routing the virtual mouse routs the mouse, just as moving the mouse with a physical mouse does. Because we don't know who is following the thread, it is a good idea to say to route the mouse with NVDA before using the physical click commands and that is all I'm saying.

I happened to work with a trainer who specifically said that when you move the mouse with a screen-reader you are moving the mouse. I do not assume that a lot of people have been told that and they may think that using a physical mouse is somehow different. You are discussing a procedure not commonly used by blind people and it is goode to clarify. I'm not saying that you should explain things that are common knowledge.


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By the way, you only need to route the mouse in certain circumstances as well. For instance, if I'm in File Explorer, and have focus with selection on a specific file or group of files, gained strictly using keyboard commands, a right click will bring up the context menu that's appropriate for that context (which is different for a single select versus multi select and a folder select versus file select etc.)

And I presume that this is a known for anyone who's used Windows for any period of time (whether with NVDA or not). You learn what's necessary when by trial and error, and I'm willing to assume most here have already undergone said trial and error before ever having joined, and am willing to walk through it if the need to do so arises. It seldom does.

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