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Dave Grossoehme

Good Afternoon:  Being Jaws and NVDA use different programming languages, it doesn't make it difficult to have the same outcomes.  Jaws uses the C programming Language as far as I know. NVDA usesPython Computer programming language.


On 1/4/2021 5:40 PM, Gene wrote:
Perhaps one of the developers will address the question.  I wonder if there is a technical reason for this, such as how Windows provides information to screen-readers.  Older screen-readers, such as JAWS, I believe, use a different method for getting a lot of the kinds of information you are discussing.

Another thing which would be very useful and it would be very important to some people would be the ability to create what JAWS calls frames, certain parts of the screen that will automatically take actions under certain conditions or that you can have read by issuing a command.  and regarding having things read, the frame can be set to automatically read under certain conditions.

I suspect there is some sort of technical limitation on the way NVDA gets information because this is a feature of enough importance that I suspect it would have been implemented if it could have been.  However, I may be wrong about both and I hope those with the technical knowledge discuss those questions.

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At 06:06 PM 1/4/2021, Chris Smart wrote:
Betsy, have you tried the NVDA basic training?
I'm going through it now, after using another screen reader for
many years, and I find it to be quite well written and organized,
with lots of little exercises to actually work through.

I know we're on the NVDA list. But I may as well come clean. NVDA
will never be my primary screen reader until it gives me control over
the exact order of spoken elements. Every other screen reader
provides this. If I'm going through a list of check boxes and want to
hear which ones are checked, I need the state spoken either first or
right after the control type, not at the end of its field data. For
another example, if I'm in a dialogue where I know that its only
combo edit box changes a particular setting, I need my screen reader
to announce the control type first while I quickly tab between
fields. How this has managed to get through so many of NVDA versions
without being addressed, with the cooperation of so many blind users,
is baffling.


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