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On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 06:43 PM, Luke Robinett wrote:
Can't hurt to be familiar with some advanced search techniques like using quotes for an exact phrase match, the plus sign to indicate that a search term must be present or a minus sign to indicate not to return any results with that search term
And what you've listed above are probably the most advanced search operators that many will ever use.  The only other one I'd add, which is used very seldom but is really, really handy at times, is the site: operator.  It allows you to limit your search to a specific website or part of a website, depending on the URL you put after the colon (and you don't need the http:// or https://).

I still use quoted phrases for exact matches the most frequently, but will also use the minus operator to eliminate results I don't want.  And that's not just in web search engines, but also other searches like Amazon when looking for a product.  If you're dealing with, say, a specific smartphone you will virtually always get hundreds of results for cases or screen protectors for it as well.  A search using, for instance:

"Galaxy S10" -case -"screen protector"

gets rid of scads of unwanted results.  Of course, if all one wanted was screen protectors, but not cases for a given model, changing that minus to a plus in front of "screen protector" would get you that.

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