Re: bug or feature? alt+F4 doesn't close speech viewer

Quentin Christensen

This is a known issue.  I created an issue for it last year:

The speech viewer window can still be closed by pressing alt+n, t, s again, or by using the shortcut key (if you have defined a shortcut key to toggle speech viewer). Creating a shortcut for speech viewer (in NVDA's input gestures dialog) is recommended for users who frequently toggle this feature on and off.

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On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 7:53 AM Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías via <> wrote:

Hi all.

You need go to the NVDA menu, tools, speech viewer and the window is closed.




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De: Bob Cavanaugh
Enviado: martes, 29 de diciembre de 2020 14:55
Asunto: [nvda] bug or feature? alt+F4 doesn't close speech viewer


Hi all,

I don't use speech viewer all that often, but as my last message

indicated, I find it useful for testing things. That being said, when

I'm done testing, the only way to close speech viewer seems to be to

restart NVDA. Is this a bug or was this done on purpose? I've tried

both alt+F4 and control+W with no luck.







Quentin Christensen
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