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Chris Mullins

Hi Thomas

Your computers will connect to the remote session but unless each connection is configured properly, they will not communicate.  Your friend needs to ensure she has selected “allow this machine to be controlled” in the 2nd control of the Remote Connection dialog and you need to select the “Control another machine” option on your side of the connection.  Once connected, you use the f11 key to toggle between controlling your own machine and controlling your friends.  NVDA will  announce either “Controlling local machine”  or “Controlling remote machine” to indicate the machine your keyboard is controlling each time you press f11.





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Yes Mam, I did that, but I can not hear anything.

I wonder, if there is an add on that I need to get.




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If you are set up to control the other computer, remember to press

f11 so you can see/hear it.

At 04:04 PM 1/11/2021, you wrote:


>When I connect to another's person usin nvda remote, it does not read

>on my end, what she hears, on her end?

>What might be the problem, why I can not hear, while to he computer?

>Thanks for your help!















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