Re: Automatic language switching

Tony Malykh

Things are a little confusing with automatic language switching. When your synth says it supports automatic language switching, that only means that it can switch if NVDA tells it to do so. However, NVDA almost never tells synths to do so, except perhaps for a few webpages, that have proper language attributes markup.

Try my add-on Tony's enhancements:

One of the features, is that it sends such a signal to synths based on character set. So you would be able to auto switch between say English and Arabic, or German and Arabic; but not between English and German. You would need to figure out a regular expression to capture all Arabic symbols though.



On 1/12/2021 1:52 AM, Mohammed Alderweesh wrote:

Hello list,

I was wondering which speech synthesizer supports automatic language switching. I tried both the code factory and the Acapela addons, but I could not get them to work. is there any additional addon that needs to be installed?

Note: I checked the automatic language switching in the NVDA settings.

I am using NVDA 2020.3 and Windows 10, and I would like the automatic language switching to work for the following languages:

Thank you for any input.

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