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anthony borg

Hi sylvie

From where I can downloading that add-on please?
Thanks in advance

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Sent: 12 January 2021 16:32
Subject: Re: [nvda] Readig Zoom meeting Chat

You can hear any incoming message in the tchat when the tchat is open, by pressing alt+H.
With the zoom add-on mentioned by Gene, you can set up the add-on to read Public In-meeting Chat Received by pressing NVDA + Ctrl + 7.
Press NVDA + Ctrl + 8 to read Private In-meeting Chat Received.
Note from the add-on documentation: "Note that you need to leave reporting all alert types selected (in Zoom accessibility settings) to have the add-on function as expected."
You can choose which alerts are pronounced by NVDA in opening the zoom add-on settings dialog by pressing NVDA + o.
This dialog can only be open when zoom is open too.
The first thing to choose is if you want to have all alerts reported, hear beeps for alerts, hear no alerts, or custom alerts.
If you choose "custom alerts", you will be able to choose which alerts should occur and which should not in checking or unchecking the appropriate checkbox.
When you have selected which alerts should occur, press ok.
I hope this helps.
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Yes, but is there a way to have each chat message automatically read when it appears? I don't know but if NVDA doesn't do this, there may be an add-on that will do so.

I just checked and there is an add-on. But I don't know if it automatically reads messages. but it does allow you to turn on or off alerts about such messages. When you get an alert, you will know to check for a new one.
That may be of some help.

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From: Ralf Kefferpuetz
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 7:00 AM
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Alt-H opens the chat area. Here you can write to the room, to individuals and of course you can read the messages, Use Tab and Shift-Tab.

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Subject: [nvda] Readig Zoom meeting Chat

Hi all

Is it possible for NVDA to read the live Chat messages that meeting participants post during a zoom meeting, please? If so, how?


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