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Chris Mullins

I've used ms Access in SqlView to create tables and run queries, so a blind person can get some use from the database side, it's just the design tools that cause problems.


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All very true. Indeed many years ago I recall Dolphin actually asking Microsoft why this particular piece of Office was not easy to cater for and why they did not make it better for screenreader users. As far as I recall the reply was all pretty much like a politician answering the question they wanted, not the one asked.

Its odd that Microsoft have not been able even after all this time, to improve they database application on the access front. Rather an ironic choice of name for an inaccessible product.
In the end our database for the talking newspaper was written with screenreaders in mind, but the cursoring around edit fields never worked properly.

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Besides actually working with Access's own design interface, there are
also other alternatives when it comes to just working with data
structures, if that's all you're interested in?

I haven't done anything with MSAccess for quite a while, but, I work with
various other forms of database engines, but anyway.

Stay well

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On 2016-03-14 7:37 AM, HBotma wrote:
Hi Group

In my experience with both JAWS 12 and JAWS 14 Access 2010 is not very
accessdible for blind people. There are many things that JAWS doesn't
read which it used to read in JAWS 6 and Access 2003. For instance,
setting up a design view has to be done by memory, because the
headings and fields are not read.

From my limitted experience with NVDA, after a little bit of
experimentation, it reads more in the design view and the table than
JAWS did, although there is room for improvement. Queries, forms and
reports haven't been accessible since Office 2003 and JAWS 6 or 7 - in
fact, forms and reports have been rather difficult for blind people
since before Access 2003. Note that I haven't tried setting up forms,
queries or reports in Access 2010 yet, so I don't know how they
compare, but it would help if NVDA would read the field headings in
Access as the row and column headings in Excel and Word.

On 3/12/16, Pranav Lal <pranav.lal@...> wrote:
Hi Kenny,

I can't help you there. I have tried creating tables and some manual
they did work in access 2013.


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I am using access 2010. I found a ticket on github and it was still
was wondering what work if any needs to be done to make access work

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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Hi Kenny,

Which version of Microsoft Access are you using?


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