Lowering Hand on Zoom Client

Bhavya shah

Dear all,

I am using the latest versions of NVDA, Zoom client and Windows 10.
Pressing the Raise Hand button on the Zoom client is not an issue.
However, lowering it is what gets tricky. This is because even once my
hand is raised, the Raise Hand button still reads as Raise Hand button
(unlike on the web interface of Zoom where it morphs into the Lower
Hand button). Simply pressing the button again to lower my hand is a
problematic approach because (a) I may not remember the state of my
hand and (b) some hosts acknowledge hands and lower it which is an
announcement NVDA reads but I may miss in focusing on the Zoom
meeting's audio. With regards to this accessibility issue, I was
wondering if this has been reported to Zoom or screen reader vendors
already and if a temporary fix can be issued through an add-on,
particularly by an update to the awesome Zoom Enhancements add-on.

One alternative strategy that I intend to test the next time I get on
to a Zoom meeting is to check if a raised hand is noted in the entry
corresponding to my name in the Participants list. I know a lowered
hand is not, but even if a raised hand is, I would be able to
conclusively determine the state of my hand.

If you know of other ways to access this information so that I know
the state of my virtual hand and can alter it as necessary, please do
share. Any and all tips and hacks are much appreciated.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024
E-mail Address: bhavya.shah125@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhavyashah125/

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