Re: Ctrl+Alt+N in Google Docs


On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 07:08 PM, Sascha Cowley wrote:
This isn't an edge case; Alt+Ctrl+N is *NOT* an NVDA keyboard shortcut; it's a Windows one.
Yep.  It's a Windows keyboard shortcut that fires up NVDA.

And Windows is what gets to see any keystroke sequence first, and if it's a defined shortcut it will process it.  Only if it's not recognized by Windows will it get passed along to the accessibility software (screen reader), and only if it's not recognized by that application will it get passed on to the next thing (Google Docs app under the browser, in this case).

You would have to change the Windows Shortcut so that CTRL+ALT+N would be passed to NVDA, which would ignore it, and it would then fall through to the browser, then to Google Docs running in the browser.

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