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Hi Josh,

Retrieving formatting information is a bit of a bug in Excel currently.  To get the information for a given cell, press F2 to edit, then left arrow to move into the contents of the cell itself, THEN press NVDA+f to read the formatting information.

I must admit I haven't played much with charts since I wrote the Microsoft Excel with NVDA material (available from ).  Just having a quick look through that module, I covered how to create and read charts, but not in-depth how to move chart elements around.


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I was making a spreadsheet earlier and wanted to know the font and color of the cells. I am using a laptop. When I pressed capslock f, it just says no caret, it does not give me font and color and atribute information about the current cell or selected cells. How do I get this information on-demand with NVDA? Also I successfully moved a chart to a new worksheet. But how do I change the position of the chart’s labels so it prints better with the tiger addon for excel in combination with the braille buddy embosser? I just did a test with word, I can get font and color info just fine in word, not in excel though for some reason.





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