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how this feature work on notepad plus plus?
God bless you.

On 9/7/16, John Sanfilippo <> wrote:
If you want to try another editor, I know for sure that Jamal Mazrui's
EdSharp Moves by paragraph when you press control up or down arrow.
(Free program,, look for edsetup.exe.)

I'd like to be able to move by sentence too, but that seems available
only if you're using NVDA with Word.

John S

On 9/6/16 22:49, Gene wrote:
JAWS uses scripts for this purpose. The script looks for a blank line
and moves you beyond it. If you are using a screen-reader that is not
scripted to do this, it moves you to the next line by looking for one
return. That is my recollection anyway. In your case, you say you
stay on the current line so perhaps my recollection is wrong. but
whatever the case, NVDA doesn't behave like JAWS in notepad.
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I can do it with JAWS just fine and have always been able to.

On 9/6/16, Andre Fisher <
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That functionality is not available in Notepad with any screen
readers. It is meant to be used as a basic text editor.

On 9/6/16, kelby carlson <
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I can't seem to move by paragraph in Notepad. When I press ctrl-down
arrow I just get the same line that I'm currently on.

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