Re: Ctrl+Alt+N in Google Docs

Tony Malykh

I think in theory it might be possible to write an add-on that sends Control+ALt+N keystroke directly to the browser window bypassing Windows. NVDA+F2 is not using this way though as others explained.

But the bigger problem I see here is that all the shortcuts in Google Docs are inconvenient to put it mildly. Google essentially had to implement their own screenreader in browser. And they were bound to use inconvenient set of shortcuts because the set of shortcuts you can use from within browser is very limited. I wish there was an interface similar to IAccessible2 or UIA to let NVDA to communicate with google docs directly inside the browser. But I think creating such an API would require long collaboration between NVAccess and Google. And it doesn't seem plausible that this is going to happen for just a single product. Sigh.

On 1/12/2021 4:01 PM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

Google Docs has a number of keyboard shortcuts requiring Ctrl+Alt+N to
be pressed. You may have guessed where I am going with this, but here
are a few specific remarks in this context:
* I press NVDA+F2 so that the next keyboard shortcut I press goes
straight to Google Docs without the interference of NVDA. That doesn't
work and NVDA+F2 followed by Ctrl+Alt+N still restarts NVDA. I
understand why this edge case might have been missed, but I was
wondering if this this issue has already been documented on the GitHub
* I realize that I can just alter the hot key to launch NVDA from the
Properties dialog corresponding to the NVDA Desktop icon for instance.
But is there any cleaner alternative approach to this problem?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance with the above.


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