cloning a drive accessibly



Since I have some cash to burn after christmas and since my portable drives are aging, I thought I'd do a transfer of content and get a new drive.

Now, how easy is it to clone that drive or transfer it over.

Previously I have done that manually via explorer and while that works it takes ages.

Also explorer and the large sizes of things mean that the system is not as stable as it could be doing massive file opperations.

So what is the most accessible way with nvda to clone the drives over.

I want to transfer all folders etc over.

I will be putting things to a bigger drive, so I don't want to copy an exact copy of the partition record just the files and sub folders over with all contents obviously.

I also want to be able to select everything on that drive aI am doing transfer to, but deselect things I don't want, one of the drives has older backup data for another system which I no longer need, is there an easy way to handle that.


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