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Dave Grossoehme

Good Morning:  This person said they were using a desktop computer.  I have found by experience there are keys on the keyboard for the sound.  If there are any keys on the keyboard that you aren't aware of what they do, try pressing and see what they do.  The present keyboard I am using has a sound on/off, sound up and sound down key here.  Several years ago, I had another keyboard that had keys to use with sound.


On 1/10/2021 5:44 AM, Gene wrote:
Do the following:
Issue the command Windows key r.  Hold the Windows key and type r.
The run dialog opens.
Type sndvol and press enter.
The Windows volume control dialog will open.
Tab once. You are on the mute speakers button, though it presumably says unmute when the speakers are muted.
Press the space bar.  Test with something like NVDA key t to read the title bar to see if you have speech.

Try this when you have speech to make sure things are set up as expected. Don't mute the speakers, in other words tab to see if you land on the button, then when you hear where you are, close the volume control dialog with alt f4.  If you unmute sound in this way in the future, once you use space and get sound back, close the dialog with alt f4.  There is no ok button and settings changes take immediate effect.

I would advise getting a cheap USB sound card, you can get them for less than     10 American dollars, for emergencies when you lose speech and can't get it back, which is unlikely but which may happen.  Using the external sound card will give you speech until you solve the problem, assuming it is solvable by changing settings, which it likely will be.  In case the problem is more serious, such as a hardware failure, you will have speech with no interruption in your use of the computer and can continue to use the external sound card.

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Hello Everyone

I am using NVDA with Windows 10 on a desk top computer, and suddenly lost the NVDA voice.  I tried to start NVDA again with control alt n which did not work, and also tried to start Windows Narrator which did not work too . I thought I may have muted the sound, so pressed F7 which had no effect.  I got the assistance of a sighted person who said that there was a big cross through a speaker on the bottom of the screen which he clicked the mouse on and sound came back.  Is there any way I can turn the sound back on myself using quick keystrokes.  I have no sight at all.


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