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Hi Ben thanks, but this is a strange beast. It has no actual home keys as such. Currently the media keys are the arrow keys with the function key, function key plus Up arrow play pause down arrow  stop, left arrow previous track, right arrow next track. Function key with function  9 10 or 11 is volume mute, down, up. I’ve now worked out that control numbpad seven is home key, Control numpad one is end, Control numpad for is beginning of line and control numpad six is end of line. But, I’m getting there. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Ryan


I just came across an Acer laptop yesterday for the first time in a while. This model had a small Page Up key above the left arrow, and a small Page Down key directly above the right arrow. If you hold the Function key (second from the bottom left) and press the Page Up, it becomes Home. Hold the Function and press Page Down for End. I thought it might be worth mentioning in case yours is the same. It’s quite intuitive when you get used to it.


Of course, still follow Brian’s advice regarding changing the behaviour of the F1 to F12 keys for the best screen reader experience.






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Ryan to Brian, thank you very much. You’ve been extremely helpful. I will download the manual and bury myself in it. We get so used to a particular laptop layout and what actions do what, it becomes muscle memory. Get a new one and you have to start again. Thanks again and happy New Year.

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Your computer does, as I suspected, have a Home and a Delete key, and these are immediately above the backspace key, the Delete is the one to the left and the Home to the right, but these also appear to be assigned as media keys, which will need to be disabled.

As much as I suspect I am going to be excoriated for saying this:  Sometimes there is absolutely no substitute for sight, and getting the "lay of the land" for an unfamiliar keyboard is one of those times.  You can spend days to weeks trying to guess what a sighted assistant can tell you in mere moments.  It makes sense to engage someone, very briefly, to let you know "where they've squeezed things" when you're dealing with a compact keyboard where the layout is definitely different than the keyboards on most laptops 15 inch and above in size.  It appears that Acer is using a slightly squeezed keyboard on the 15 inch series, as the 14 inch has no number pad.

Here is a download link for the User Manual for the Aspire serie: 

Page 18 of the manual clearly indicates that BIOS/UEFI needs to be tweaked to turn off the hotkey functions and have them behave as typical function keys.  Unless that is done, you must press the Fn key plus the given function key for it to behave as the function key.  Once turned off, the situation flip-flops, where Fn plus the given function key will behave as the hotkey, but a press of the function key acts as the function key itself.

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