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Thanks for that.

In the end I just transfered the entire drive contents over.

Its taken me most of yesterday and all night and all today, its 1.13tb and its all done.

I had to clean up bits of it but its all ok now.

On 14/01/2021 9:47 pm, Richard Kuzma via wrote:
Try out image for windows.
I believe it allows for cloning an entire drive.
You can get a thirty day trial also.

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On 1/13/21 6:57 PM, Dan Miner via wrote:
I had this very similar problem about two months ago but I wanted the entire system (including the OS). I was just upgrading my SSD to a larger capacity. However, it sounds like you just have a big pile of files. If you're comfortable with the command line , I've heard lots of good things about robocopy.
I used it at one point, and it worked as expected. I've forgotten the syntax, so you would need to look that up.

Myself, I would be in a WSL2 terminal and using rsync most likely since I know the tool very well and it generally resumes beautifully when things go wrong as seems inevitable for large copies.
I agree. I'm much more comfortable with the BASH shell than with Windows PowerShell. You would need to check the rsync command line options to make sure you copied the NTFS metadata correctly.

If you really do need a copy of an entire drive, then booting to a Linux distribution such as GRML and running Clonezilla would be accessible and definitely works - I've done that in the past.


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