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Sylvie Duchateau

Hello again,

I found a workaround to navigate from message to message in Teams with NVDA.

You should create a profile for Teams in NVDA.

  1. Open Teams.
  2. Open the profile settings with ctrl+NVDA+P
  3. Tab to new, or press alt+n.
  4. Use tab to choose which profile you want to use and press right arrow to select that the profile is related to Teams, you will hear profile name Teams, or something similar.
  5. Tab until the Ok button and press enter.
  6. Modify the profile in going to browse mode in pressing nvda+ctrl+B.
  7. I unchecked all checkboxes related to forms mode and automatically switching. May be you can test in checking and unchecking the three boxes and see if something changes. “automatic focus mode for caret movement”, “automatic focus mode for focus changes” and “automatically set system focus to focusable elements” and Press Ok.
  8. When you want to write in the chat, you will have to activate forms mode in pressing nvda+space and when you want to read the chat messages, go out of the forms mode manually with the same shortcut.

I hope this will also work for you.




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I just tested in a chat on MS Teams.

The problem is that NVDA switches automatically in forms mode when you are in the chat.

So when you type 4, you cannot get to the message heading.

You need to return to browse mode and type 4 or h.

The headings structure is still there but Microsoft seems to have implemented automatically switching in forms mode.

I don’t know why.



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Objet : [nvda] Reading chats in MS Teams


Hi Community,


When on MS Teams I used to toggle to browse mode and read all the chats using Shift + 4 or just 4 as all the chats used to be heading level 4. In an update done around last week, MS Teams no longer marks chats as H4. I need to arrow up/down to read the chats which is a very inconvenient and slow method to do. The focus mode did not work really well for me as there I do not have the capability to read the chat word by word or letter by letter if I want to.


Is there a better way to read the chats now?




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