Re: An accessible way to sign document with NVDA

Dave Grossoehme

Good Morning:  Sorry I am a little late on this thread, however, I have had the same issue.  About a month ago I had to have sighted help to sign a document where an electrical signature was needed.  The document was a PDF file.  I tried with Adobe reader dc.  I could get to the line which was suppose to be below the text, but NVDA wouldn't read it.  I am insighter, so, the version number will different from most.  My version of windows was 2004 20277 at the time of this.  I haven't had any reason to try it with any newer versions.


On 1/12/2021 1:26 AM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experienced signing documents with NVDA?

I tried the sign document in Word but it does not seem to find the certificate.

In Adobe, I tried to use the sign document function, but when you activate the button, there is no feedback from NVDA.

If you have any hints except adding a jpg of your hand written signature, it would be helpful.



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