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Perhaps there is no way to stop it. If you don't use the add-on except rarely to add text to the clipboard, you may want to disable it until you want to use it. I rarely use the add-on and that's what I did.


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From: mike mcglashon
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2021 12:24 PM
Subject: [nvda] copying to clipboard

Hi guys:

Since I obtained the clipboard addon for nvda,

Every time I do a ctrl-c to copy data to the clipboard,

I get a dialogue asking me to confirm that I really wish to copy it;

How do I turn this dialogue verification off?

I went into clip designer in settings but I only found three choices in the “confirm copy when”

Always, when clipboard contains text, and when clipboard is not empty.

I do not see a choice for “never ask”.

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

Mike mcglashon

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