Re: is there some setting that controls this?

Sarah k Alawami

1. hold down alt
2. tap the other alt key.
now press tab and it should work fine. There is a setting but I don't give it as you I believe need to edit the registry.


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On 15 Jan 2021, at 13:05, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

Hi all,
I had to use Narrator to get me out of a tight spot yesterday, and
I've noticed this in previous experiences as well. Narrator, and every
other screen reader on Windows 7, gave the alt+tab list as a number
out of total programs, for example Windows Media Player 2 of 3. Now on
10, Narrator is the only screen reader that does this. Everything else
I've used with Windows 10 says "Windows Media Player row 1 column 2."
To me this is not useful at all, because I have no idea how many rows
there are, or how many columns are in a row. Is there a way to change
the way NVDA announces this?

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