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Bob Cavanaugh

This is good information, I'll have to investigate that.

On 1/15/21, Gene <> wrote:
I don't use the program. It sounds to me as though ribbons are being used.

Since I don't use the program, this may or may not help but unless people
don't know all three ways to use split buttons, a problem may be thought to

exist that doesn't. My impression is that a lot of people don't know all
three ways, actually four.

You can press the space bar on a split button to cause it to take the
default action.
You can try right or downarrowing to see if more options open.
If they don't, use the command alt down arrow to open more options, just as

you do in a combo box.

Are the problems with split buttons solvged if all these actions art tried?

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Hi all,
Last night's question about Teams got me thinking, there seems to be
an issue system-wide with split buttons. Based on the fact that the
same issue happens with both NVDA and Narrator, I'd think the issue is
Windows, not NVDA. When I press alt to go to the home tab in Excel,
then tab down until I hear insert cells, then press either space or
enter, a new row is automatically inserted rather than having the menu
brought up. However, if I press alt, H, I, the menu opens. I'm not
sure if Teams has anything in the way of those shortcuts, but this
does seem like something that needs to be addressed.

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