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No. Please tell me if I'm wrong by citing the text. I saw certain commands, not one of which did what is requested, but it didn't say anything about not being able to do it. While you can infer that, since no such command was given, it can't be done, it isn't stated and I understand why someone would ask, if they want to do it and don't want to assume that absence with no statement definitely means it can't be done. I would expect that ability to be available and I might want to make sure.


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So you didn't see where it states its a problem with no fix.

On 1/15/2021 11:15 PM, Gene wrote:
I read the page. it isn't clear to me how to deal with the problem. I read it when I first installed the plugin and I read the relevant parts twice before responding now. You appear to contradict yourself. You say you don't and if you read the page, you will know how to deal with the problem. If you can't, then how do you deal with the problem?


On 1/15/2021 9:53 PM, tim wrote:
You don't and if read this page would know how to deal with that problem.

On 1/15/2021 1:24 PM, mike mcglashon wrote:
Hi guys:

Since I obtained the clipboard addon for nvda,

Every time I do a ctrl-c to copy data to the clipboard,

I get a dialogue asking me to confirm that I really wish to copy it;

How do I turn this dialogue verification off?

I went into clip designer in settings but I only found three choices in the “confirm copy when”

Always, when clipboard contains text, and when clipboard is not empty.

I do not see a choice for “never ask”.

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

Mike mcglashon

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