Re: how to reorder columns in Thunderbird


The easiest way is to use the NVDA add-on Mozilla Apps Enhancements. You can get it and read about it here:

If you use NVDA key h, a dialog will come up. You are in a list of columns. To get the from line to appear before the subject line, find subject, then tab to and use the move down button. Pressing it once may be enough. As I recall, the dialog has an ok button. You must change the order in every folder. If you want the change to be made in the inbox and other folders, in other words, you must be in the message list for every folder you want to change and make the change.

I really think there is no excuse for Mozilla not to have made changing column order accessible. The program has been in existence for years and they must have gotten many complaints and requests over the years.


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From: Charlotte
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2021 1:52 PM
Subject: [nvda] how to reorder columns in Thunderbird

Hello everyone. I am setting up a new pc and my Thunderbird columns are
wonky again. The subject reads first and I'd like the from field to read
first. I know there is a way to reorder this I just can not remember it.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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