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Monte Single

Thanks Gene,

That's the vest description I've heard for this activity.

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It isn't always the same in every text editor or word processor. Usually, the following will work. It does in Notepad.
Use control f to open find.
Type what you are searching for and press enter.
Then press escape. You have closed the search dialog and You are now on the first occurrence of what you are searching for. If nothing is found you will receive an error message which you can close by pressing escape twice.
You are actually closing the escape message and then closing the search dialog.
To search for repeated occurrences, simply press f3. You will move to the next occurrence. You don't have to press escape after using f3.

To summarize, control f, Type the search and press enter.
Press escape.
To repeat the search, press f3. Don't press escape. You are on the word if it is found, or you will get an error message you can close with escape.

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Subject: [nvda] jump to next occurrence of a word in explorer documents

from mack often I take articles along with their subsequent comments
offline and put them in notepad. I save the article and read it in windows
explorer, documents. the only problem is I don't know how to jump to the
next occurrence of a word like comments, to get to the next post. if I read
the article on the page, I press insert f3 and press down arrow to continue
reading. how to do this in documents, thanks.

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