Re: Reading chats in MS Teams

Luke Robinett <blindgroupsluke@...>

I use teams extensively on a daily basis at my job and it seems to work just fine for me. I’ll describe what I’m doing and you tell me where your experience differs.
If I want to chat with somebody from my chat history, I press control 2 which takes me to the recent chat list. I use the up and down arrow keys to find the chat I want and then hit enter to open it. This puts focus in the text box of that chat. If I press shift tab I land inside the messages area. I press NVDA spacebar to enter forms mode. While in forms mode, I can simply use the up and down arrow keys to move easily from message to message. Pressing enter on a message gives me reactions and while in that screen, pressing tab gets me a menu with more options. Hitting escape a few times gets me back to the main messages list.
If you haven’t already, I recommend studying and learning the Microsoft teams shortcut keys because they are extremely useful. Hope that helps. If I’m not addressing your question, let me know where I went wrong.

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