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Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Without remembering it until a meeting tonight, I am having the same problem. Fortunately, with the latest version of Zoom, NVDA seems to be reading everything else that it should, but in the meeting I was in tonight, one of the participants was using the chat quite a bit, and NVDA wasn't reading it to me at all. I checked the accessibility settings and under screen reader alerts, everything related to chats was checked, but NVDA would not read them. This used to work for me just fine, then about May it quit working.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 05:00 AM, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:
Alt-H opens the chat area. Here you can write to the room, to individuals and of course you can read the messages, Use Tab and Shift-Tab.

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Hi all

Is it possible for NVDA to read the live Chat messages that meeting participants post during a zoom meeting, please? If so, how?


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