Re: Some topic in the main group indicate that they're from chat


Group Owner mail is not sent other than by using the Owner e-mail address:

I'd need examples, as I can't find any instances in the archive of anything recent.

The following addresses are those most commonly used to interact with the NVDA Main Group:


To join:

To post:

To unsubscribe:

To receive a message containing the group description, and a list of these commands:

To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web):

This can also be used to put a vacation stop on group messages, then use one of the subsequently noted addresses to resume delivery in the format of your choice.

To receive each group message individually:

This is the default delivery unless you send a message to one of the addresses that follows.

To receive group messages in an HTML formatted digests:

To receive group messages in a plain text digest:

To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages:  nvda+summary@nvda,

To receive only special messages:

To contact the group owner(s):


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