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You can install as many add-ons as you wish. When you run the portable version of NVDA, you have an option to create an installed version. In the tools submenu there is an item to install NVDA. The dialog that comes up has a number of check boxes. One of them says, Copy portable configuration to current user account.

You can save everything by making a portable copy, running the portable copy on the other machine, then creating an installed copy from the portable copy.


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From: Venkatesh Potluri
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2021 5:22 PM
Subject: [nvda] exporting NVDA user preferences

Hi list,

Would it be possible for me to export my NVDA configurations (voice settings, addons, etc.) and use these on another machine which has NVDA installed? The machines in question are remote VMs and may be reset at frequent instances so I would like to avoid me, and other potential users having to re-configure NVDA. I notice that creating a portable copy of NVDA is an option, but I have a few questions regarding that.

1. <!--[endif]-->Can I install additional addons in the portable copy of NVDA?

2. <!--[endif]-->Can I override the NVDA installed on the machine with my portable copy?

Are there better ways to port my NVDA configuration on my local machine to other machines?

Any suggestions would be of great help.

Best regards,

Venkatesh Potluri

PhD Student, University of Washington

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