Inaccessibility of certain web pages in Chromium-based browsers

Louise Pfau

Hi.  I've noticed that certain websites appear to have accessibility issues in chromium-based browsers like Edge and Chrome.  I don't know if it's the screen reader (either JAWS or NVDA), the specific website, chromium-based browsers, or all of the above.  An instance that comes to mind is the tv guide website for my service provider at  After you search for a specific show and then try to activate the link that appears as the name of the show, it won't activate.  The links appeared to activate correctly in Internet Explorer, which is the only non-chromium browser I have installed, although I know it's no longer supported.  In addition, the page doesn't seem to load completely in Edge  Version 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit), although it loaded correctly in Chrome Version 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) with Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.746).  I'm running NVDA 2020.3.  I recently had access to another computer, and the site loaded correctly.  I don't know the exact specifications of the other machine.



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