Re: Microsoft Edge and forms mode with latest NVDA update

Lisa P Geibel

Thanks much. Where can I find this apps essentials addon for 10

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God bless everyone!!!

On 9/7/16 5:07 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
I am not sure with edge.
But even if you have the latest nvda you need to have installed the apps
essentials addon for 10 to have full functionality.
Since win10 is always changing and there is a bit of a lag betwene nvda
releases, the apps addon updates a lot faster.
It can happen that not everything is in nvda and a lot is in apps.
Because of the dynamic changing of apps, stable nvda takes a while to be
updated and some stuff just isn't covered with nvda.
Joseph lee tries as hard as he can including but not limited to taking
nights without sleep if you are able to believe the messages over the
dev group on skype to get and keep the addon updated as much as he can.
Even with that the way ms is with this dynamic os, its quite hard to
keep up with it anyway.

On 7/09/2016 8:52 p.m., Lisa P Geibel wrote:
We're using Windows 10 and the latest release of NVDA. I'm sorry if this
question was posed before and answered. I missed it somehow. I heard
that with the latest update to NVDA, the Edge was supposed to be more
accessible? In some ways, it is, but does anyone know how to easily fill
out forms here? We can force it into forms mode, but it will read
nothing we type. Is this a problem for just us or something that is a
problem still for everyone and maybe will get fixed in the next NVDA
release? Thanks.

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