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Hi Christian,
You can try reaper for free and it costs $60 if you want to keep it. Considering most digital audio workstation programs cost several hundred dollars, it’s a great deal. As another person here said, there’s nothing slow about the video editing, unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by that. You can work with video in much the same way you work with audio, with a few caveats, as has been noted. If you end up trying Reaper and need some help, I would be happy to work with you because I have a couple years of experience with it.

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I haven't used Reaper before so don't know much about this program, even it's for free or payed.
But what I read about was that Reaper's video editing function is rather slow, isn't it?


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I asked a similar question here a couple months ago and think it warrants further conversation. It seems an increasing number of us blind folks are interested in starting YouTube channels and doing other things with video video, so hopefully we learn about some good options.
I am also a home recording enthusiast and use a program called reaper to record and mix audio tracks. Reaper is fully accessible once you install a couple of free community created plug-ins. Reaper does provide the most basic of basic video editing. Pretty much just trimming, splitting, sliding things around on the timeline. No effects or transitions or anything else like that. If that’s all you need though, it’s 100% accessible and might be a good option.

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Just want to refresh a thread of 2019 which I found in the group’s archive.


Are there any suggestions for accessible video editors?

Has anybody tried for example „vegas“ which is now developed by Magix Software? „Sound Forge“ is very accessible, maybe „Vegas“ would it be too?

Or the more professional programs like „Davinci“ or „Premiere“?


„Sound Forge“ is also able to edit video but I’m not quite sure if I would ‚destroy‘ the video itself when I’m gonna cut things off. If you want to edit the sound of the video it’s great.


Greets and thanks






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