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I haven't tried the site yet but here are ways to work around the problem. Try the default action function in NVDA, NVDA key numpad enter enter on the numpad if you are using the desktop layout. I don't know the laptop layout command. If that doesn't work, or before trying this, I usually do the following first, be on the button, be in browse mode, route the mouse to the button and left click.

If neither of these options work, be on the button, turn off browse mode, and press the space bar.


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Hopefully you will be able to access this outside the u.k.

If you load the page and when loaded, just keep pressing the tab key, you will find a play button there.

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Would you care to provide an example page where this happens, and steps to find the exact play button you're using?

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I am going to a radio station web page where there is a play button.
I Can tak to the button but if I press the space bar or return, it doesn’t seem to activate the play button.
If I load Narator or JAWS in demo mode and tab to the same play button and press the space bar or return, it activates the button fine.
Does anyone know what could be happening here please?

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