Re: solution for reading chats in Zoom?

Sim Kah Yong


My experience is that whenever my chat panel is open, any chat messages will be read out by NVDA whenever they come. Thanks.

On 1/21/2021 8:28 AM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
You are exactly right. I have no problem reading chats by opening the
chat panel, but how will I know to check it if NVDA doesn't tell me
anything when chats come in?

On 1/20/21, Gene <> wrote:
But if the chats aren't read out loud and if no indication is given that a
chat has arrived, you won't know without continually checking to see if new

ones have arrived, something you wouldn't want to keep manually checking.

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You can read the chats with ctrl+f1, ctrl+f2, etc. I'm not sure how
to copy info from a chat, though.

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