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Sascha Cowley

Fair enough. Using Firefox, it was not announced, nor was focus trapped in it. Perhaps that was just something I did though, or a bit of a fluke.

On 2021-01-23 11:03, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 06:55 PM, Sascha Cowley wrote:
Technically that's just a modal dialog. Regardless, this is an accessibility problem with the page.
I won't argue about what it's called technically, but I doubt you'll find many who use the term "modal dialog" unless they're web programmers.

I have no idea why you say it's an accessibility problem.  I just loaded that page with NVDA, and when the dialog appears NVDA begins reading it, and it's controls.  That's what I'd expect to occur when the overlay occurs, and it does.  The screen reader is doing for its user exactly what my eyes do for me.  Once the underlying page is obscured by that overlay/modal dialog focus shifts to it and you are forced to interact with it.  This is exactly what it does if you're sighted and interacting with the site using sight and point and click.  There are no surprises there.

Once I activate the Maybe Later button I'm right back on the page with the play smooth country button, which can be activated precisely as one would expect.

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