Re: Navigating A Web Page

Luke Davis

On Fri, 22 Jan 2021, Brian Vogel wrote:

I have no idea why you say it's an accessibility problem.  I just loaded that page with NVDA, and when the dialog appears NVDA begins reading it, and it's controls. 
In my case, in Brave, I think it started by reading "free unlimited access to radio, playlists and podcasts." At least, the first time I went there. Subsequent tab closings and re-openings, put me wherever I was last on the page, even if it is supposedly covered by that dialog. The latter must be some Brave feature.

That's what I'd expect to occur when the overlay occurs, and it does.  The screen reader is doing for its user exactly what my eyes do for me.
I beg to differ.

You have said several times that the dialog is an overlay. Your eyes tell you that the things it's overlaying can not be used until the dialog is acted upon.
Our ears do no such thing.

Assuming you land on that dialog when the page opens (which is not always the case), there is no indication at all that you are in a dialog. It appears to just be some marketing puffery that is part of the page text.
In fact, its headings (there seem to be two of them in the "dialog"), are reachable along with the page's other headings, with H/shift+H.

You can demonstrate this by continuing to use the down arrow, or the b key in browse mode, to move "beyond" the supposed dialog, to get to other parts of the page. Your mouse can't access those things (like the play button), from what you've said, but the screen reader can.

There is a reasonable presumption: that which can be reached, is meant to be reached.
We have no way of knowing that a sighted person can't reach those other parts of the page.

So no, I'm afraid the experience is not the same, and the screen reader is not providing the same information.

Once the underlying page is obscured by that overlay/modal dialog focus shifts to it and you are forced to interact with it.
In neither Firefox nor Brave, was the page ever obscured to NVDA in my tests.
In neither browser, was I ever "forced to interact with it".
I can easily move up and down, or by element shortcuts, between text in the dialog and things such as music categories, elements of the player, etc.
There is no indication whatever that it is a dialog; that it obscures or covers anything; or that it includes a required interaction.

This is exactly what it does if you're
sighted and interacting with the site using sight and point and click.
What you described is nothing like what I experienced in either browser there, so I can only agree with Sascha that it is an accessibility problem.

Or, there is an issue with the overlay comprehension in NVDA. In fact I vaguely remember a github issue about overlays not being correctly handled, but I can't now find it.


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