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On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 02:25 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
So no, I'm afraid the experience is not the same, and the screen reader is not providing the same information.
All accessibility is a workaround, and I have said this on many, many occasions.  Substituting sight with audition, which is what screen readers do, will never, ever be an "exact match" for what someone sees, because it can't be.

There is no winning here.  There have been plenty of complaints (and I'm not saying from you, but you've been around here long enough to see them, multiple times) about a screen reader being "too verbose" and announcing things that a given end user doesn't want or need.  You could, I am certain, force a screen reader to announce something like, "Modal dialog," or, "Overlay dialog," when shifts of focus occur to one, which will be loved by some and hated by others.  But one thing is for certain, when those occur you, as a screen reader user, should be "trapped" in them by the screen reader in the same manner a sighted user is by sight.  If this is not how it's being handled, then that's how it needs to be handled, as in reality you do not have access to the underlying webpage until and unless that modal dialog is dismissed.

I can't speak to whether the issue lies with NVDA, the web browser(s), or a combination of both.

At this point, I'm not even going to try to retest with Brave.  If there is an issue, any issue, with accessibility due to "lack of clarity regarding what's going on" then that needs to be addressed.  And, ideally, that happens by someone creating an issue in GitHub (or adding a comment to an already existing one if such exists).

I have repeatedly posted on how to create a GitHub account and also posted an MS-Word fillable form that allows those who wish to use it an easier time of filling out an issue ticket, then unprotecting the form, selecting all, and copying and pasting that content in to the issue so that it's impossible to screw up formatting.  While this group absolutely can and should serve the purpose of open discussion of issues, and whether those are the result of user error versus software error, when it's the latter it is absolutely no substitute for actually reporting issues to NVAccess.  And that's far from impossible (or even all that difficult, really, once you've done it a time or two) for anyone.  So if this is a problem, and it appears it is, then those who are having it and can describe what it is that's happening, and what they think should be happening, in light of what has transpired here should go out there and create an issue on GitHub.  That's how things get noticed and, possibly, fixed by those in the position to do so.

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