Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA


Step-by-Step Tutorial in MS-Word Format:  Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

The tutorial contains links to other tutorials such as Creating a GitHub Account, and others, so that it is as short as possible for those who don't need or want to do several of the optional things.

I have created an MS-Word Fillable Form template for use by those who would prefer not to try to edit the issue edit box in GitHub.  As I say in the tutorial, if you're comfortable with direct editing in that edit box, then have at it.  But if you want to be able to touch only the things the end user is supposed to enter (and have help available via for the fields where some explanation is needed) while preserving all the labels that must remain untouched for the developers, give the fillable form a try.

The tutorial is two pages long, and can be a bit of a slog to read, as I've tried to cover what you need to do before actually even considering submitting a bug report, and how to search to see if a bug report on the issue you're having already exists, in which case you should comment on the existing one.

But, once you've gone through the process a time or two, most of what is in this tutorial will become "automatic" or second nature.  It's really meant to cover everything that the first-time bug reporter will encounter and have to do.

P.S.  A big thanks to Quentin Christensen for his long-ago instructions for removing editing restrictions on an MS-Word Fillable Form using the Review Ribbon/Tab.  That one is always available by default, and my usual method used the Developer Tab, which is not.  His method makes life much easier for "your typical MS-Word user."

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