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On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 12:19 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Which I did, last night, after posting the message to which you responded.
A big thank you.  Would that more did this.  And thanks for providing the direct link to the issue on which others can comment.  (If you are someone who wants to comment, but does not have a GitHub Account, you're going to need to set one up before you can:  Creating a Github Account).

Just tried this page in Vivaldi, and it's acting a bit like a hybrid of Firefox and Brave in what it's doing, and Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser.

I find it very weird that these modal dialogs don't capture you within them, and limit interaction to within them, like normal dialog boxes do.  And whether that's because the information is not provided to the screen reader about the status, the screen reader ignoring that status, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

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