Impossibl to read context menus in Win10 with some laptops


Hello listers,

I'm submittingthis question on behalf of some Italian friends, who are finding it impossible to view context menus in Windows 10 with NVDA on some laptops.
One of them is


and other friends have laterm odels in the same Asus series.

Apparently the menus are readable with Jaws.

Has anyone encountered the same issue, and how has it been worked around, if it has a tall?

The person I talked to is running the latest update of Windows 10, with NVDA 2016.3, with Wintenapps add-on installed.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Il 07/09/2016 12:39, Gene ha scritto:
There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you need to let your screen-reader read and you would record in real time. So, you could do this for a certain number of hours when you are sleeping or not home or otherwise occupied. It takes the same amount of time as actually listening to the book and you need to set time aside and plan if you only have one computer and/or can't have any of your computers tied up except at certain times.
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What about Virtual recorder?
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Maybe some program that lets you record what you hear and save it as
I know Goldwave will do this but it isn't free but is very low
priced for
its power but I'm sure there are other programs that will do this
and some
should be free.


On 9/6/2016 5:46 PM, multi 85 wrote:
I know there are programs that convert text to mp3, but they find and
choose the voice independently, so you must have the Sappi voice. Is
there instead some sort of way that I could use a program or a method
that could use the voices I have which are nvda addons and somehow use
my nvda reading settings to convert a text that I am reading into mp3
to use on an Ipod? Basically, these programs then sort of force you to
purchase a voice you like twice if you want to convert, once for NVDA,
and then another time for the converting program and your sappi stuff,
so I'm hoping there's a better solution?

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