Re: Limit to number of messages in E-mail threads

JM Casey

You could try direct sound API – it has limitations but probably wouldn’t affect you and many older applications (including stuff like winamp) still use it.

As an experiment, you could try turning off JAWS and see if you still get an error when trying to record. Wasapi-enabled applications are supposed to be able to take exclusive control of the sound device, though I don’t see any options in GW for doing this and it’s been a while since I played with such things. Obviously, to have speech going through the same device while using Goldwave, this isn’t something that you want.




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Sent: January 24, 2021 02:57 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Limit to number of messages in E-mail threads


Hi, Same here. I had to go directly to the Gmail site and get rid of the huge thread List admin thread. I had to go to Delete forever after I deleted it from my windows ten mail client. 


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From: Bob Cavanaugh
Sent: January 24, 2021 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Limit to number of messages in E-mail threads


I don't know why, but Gmail seems to do weird things with threads

sometimes. I remember before I unfollowed that topic, I had several

versions of it in my inbox. I don't know why it wasn't murged into one

big thread, but it wasn't. This seems to happen quite a bit with list



On 1/24/21, Louise Pfau <louise.pfau@...> wrote:

> Hi.  I noticed there was a reference to the "Admin's notes" thread having

> more than 200 messages, but I didn't have that many in my E-mail client.

> Does limit the number of messages in a thread when it is sent to

> third-party E-mail clients?  I know this isn't directly related to NVDA, but

> this is the first group where I've seen the phenomenon.

> Thanks,

> Louise







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